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OFFICIAL SCHOOL SITE to the Gary Lam Wing Chun system. Based in Alhambra, CA, Gary Lam is a world-renowned and recognized student of the late Wong Shun Leung and has been teaching since 1987.


Sifu Gary Lam has an amazing system which has been meticulously been broken down and been rebuilt by him, it develops the student both physically and mentally in Wing Chun. Sifu also never holds any information back from the student, you ask and he explains, the same rule applies to all the students in the School. You never steer off course in your development of the Art. The School atmosphere provides a great learning environment without the egotism.
— Garrett M.
Going to Gary Lam Wing Chun in Alhambra is like going to an Ivy League school of Kung Fu. Everything is top level training. We have four level curriculum that can last you a life time. I highly recommend this school to anyone who is serious in training Wing Chun Kung Fu.
— Jack Ratana, Kokua Films
Wing Chun taught by Sifu Lam is the first martial art that I actually took serious consideration to learn and Oh MAN, am I glad I did.

Before my journey started here, I always had a longing to learn martial art but also wanted learn it the right way. As my studies in Kinesiology dictated my judgment of economy in physical movement mechanics and to know when to use muscle and when to restrain from it, I wanted learn something that was balanced in these aspects. After going to one of his seminars held at school, not only was I satisfied to find that one of the key components of Wing Chun was just that, but his system and method of teaching offered much more than I imagined. For being considerably big in size and having played tough sports like football and wrestling during my younger years, I had a hard time learning how to relax in other sports. In a matter of few sessions at his school, I realized that I was learning how to do that and more without knowing!

Besides his credentials that he is known for (from various sources including media, friends, and colleagues practicing other martial arts), it’s an honor to able to experience his teaching hands on at his school and knowing from the get-go that it’s not for show and it’s real. I plan to make what I learn from here as a lifelong studies of my own not only to aid my studies Kinesiology and future degrees, but a true lifelong Gung-Fu.
— Isaac O.
I started learning Gary Lam Wing Chun from Sifu Greg LeBlanc after witnessing the honest take on fighting and Chinese kung fu structure from Sigung Gary Lam’s online videos. After a year or two, I made the effort to visit the man himself in Southern California and needless to say it was an amazing experience to go train at the ‘roots’. Sigung Gary Lam’s backyard and school in Monterey Park are excellent environments to cultivate a very friendly and progressive learning experience, with many students and instructors to help and guide you, whether you are a visitor or a student there.

Sigung Lam is a one of a kind of teacher, one that can not only explain but show you the different aspects of Wing Chun, in very convincing manner with ease. This all comes from his vast experience in martial arts and fighting back in days. I sincerely recommend you give this school a try and feel the difference yourself.
— Chris L.